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Sadhu Vaswani International School For Girls


27th - 28th January 2016

         About SVISG

Established in 1987 as part of the Mira Movement of Sadhu T.L. Vaswani, Sadhu Vaswani is not just a school, but a reputed institution with an aim to provide overall holistic development of every individual who is a part of it. Here, the focus is on all round development. From academics to co-curriculum, from moral to ethical, all are given equal importance. The school wholeheartedly believes in its motto of " Simplicity and service.Purity and prayer." Rather than believing in creating robots that imitate one another, SVISG strongly believes in the power of innovation and self retrospection.

It celebrates its uniqueness and its ability to create an atmosphere of creativity where the child strives and succeds in the path to become a learner, not just in terms of academics but also in their struggle to become a better, responsible individual in life.
The walls of our school are pourous and transparent, connecting teachers and students to the wealth of knowledge that exists in the world. The school provides the students a platform to express and interact, within a regulated environment. With rules that unite rather than bind, the institution believes in the teachings of beloved Dada JP Vaswani.

         About SVISG-MUN

MUNs provide a platform for students to open up and discuss the various global issues and challenges faced by the UN. MUNs not only prove to be an enhancing experience for the students, but also, provide them with exposure which proves to be useful in various fields. In MUNs students a.k.a delegates debate on the current issues on the respective committees agenda. Student delegates find solutions to the problems being discussed in the committee and create resolutions, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the UN procedures all in the interest of mobilising international cooperation to resolve conflicts that affect the countries. The committees are led and witnessed by chairs and co-chairs.

The SVISG Inter School MUN of 2016 will be the first MUN hosted by SVISG on Inter-School level. Previously, SVISG has held 2 intra School MUNs and this is the first ever inter school MUN. These conferences are an amazing learning experience wherein student delegates learn and experience intense and to the point research work, witness and put allegations, resolve problems on an international level and understand about the problems going on around the world. The students, along with the alumna, are participating enthusiastically in various MUN related activities and preparations.

Hope to see you in SVISGMUN'16!
We're just as enthusiastic and excited as you are!

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Sadhu Vaswani International School For Girls

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